Honors Linear Algebra and Real Analysis II, Spring 2017

Course Information

Our goal in this class is to study the geometry of functions of several variables, broadly referred to as mathematical analysis. We will construct theories of differentiation and integration and give rigorous proofs of analogues of the classical theorems of calculus in this broader setting. Our main source will be Spivak's Calculus on Manifolds, though lectures will also draw from other similar texts, listed below.

There will be three forms of graded work:

  • (20% of total) Weekly homework assignments, to be typed up in LaTeX and turned in at the CA's mailboxes (on the second floor of the Science Center) before class each Wednesday. (Expect to spend roughly 12-15 hours a week on this.)
  • (40% of total) Two midterm exams, dates listed below.
  • (40% of total) The final exam, date listed below.
Collaboration on homeworks with your peers is highly encouraged! However, you must give citations and indicate what you collaborated on and with whom. (Part of academic gracefulness is being very generous about crediting other people with their ideas.) If you use other resources for help, you should understand what you've read well enough that you could withstand interrogation about it—merely copying an answer is not enough to learn. Finally, collaboration on exams is of course prohibited and will result in academic discipline, which could mean failing the exam, failing the class, or expulsion.

Our general policy about late work is strict: we will not permit assignments to be handed in late or exams to be taken on other days without some written mandate from a doctor or the university administration.

Our meeting times for lecture, for office hours, and with the CAs have all been posted below. I will be updating this webpage throughout the semester.

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Schedule, Dates and Times

I have listed below some events (along with dates and times) relevant to the course. In addition to the office hours listed, I am also available by email and by appointment; I have a calendar at this address to facilitate setting up meetings.

Regular class times

Office hours

Important dates


Due April 26th: problem sheet
Due April 19th: problem sheet
Due April 12th: problem sheet
Due March 22nd: problem sheet
Due March 8th: problem sheet
Due February 22nd: problem sheet
Due February 15th: problem sheet
Due February 8th: problem sheet

Course Materials

This is a work in progress.