Advanced Algebraic Topology, Spring 2017

Course Information

Our goal in this class is to give an introduction to the homotopy theory of spaces, considered broadly. Topics will include co/fibrations, CW complexes and their topological properties, Freudenthal's suspension theorem, stable homotopy theory and spectra, extraordinary cohomology theories, and spectral sequences, as well as a smattering of broader applications.

There will be three forms of graded work:

  • (1/3 of total) Weekly-ish homeworks.
  • (1/3 of total) A midterm paper.
  • (1/3 of total) A term paper.

Our general policy about late work is strict: we will not permit assignments to be handed in late without some written mandate from a doctor or the university administration.

Our meeting times for lecture, for office hours, and with the CAs have all been posted below. I will be updating this webpage throughout the semester.

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Schedule, Dates and Times

I have listed below some events (along with dates and times) relevant to the course. In addition to the office hours listed, I am also available by email and by appointment; I have a calendar at this address to facilitate setting up meetings.

Regular class times

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Important dates


Assignments are to be submitted through the course's associted Canvas website.

Due April 26th: problem sheet
Due April 12th: problem sheet
Due March 22nd: problem sheet
Due March 1st: problem sheet
Due February 15th: problem sheet

Course Materials

This is a work in progress.