Calculus I, Fall 2009: BD1, BD2

This page contains information for the course taught with Prof. Leininger (email, website). The main website for the course can be found here.

Course Information

These are two recitation/discussion sections for a course in first semester calculus designed for people who have been (roughly) introduced to the introductory concepts before. Each week we will meet twice to go over homework problems, work examples, and answer any questions about the material that aren't resolved in lecture. Our regular meeting times are listed below; in addition, I have posted my office hours, though students should be aware that they can attend any TA's office hours they want. We understand that your schedules are as busy as ours.

The course rules and syllabus can be found on the main course webpage; we'll observe all the mandates about peer respect and classroom etiquette in discussion as well. Another important resource on the main course page is the link to the homework site; homework for this class will be done and handed in online.

I will be updating this page throughout the semester.

Contact information

Schedule, Dates and Times

I have listed below some events (along with dates and times) relevant to the course. In addition to the office hours listed, I am also available by appointment; I have a calendar at this address to facilitate setting up meetings.

Regular class times

Office hours

Important dates


No individual homeworks posted yet.

Course Materials

This is a work in progress.