Formal Geometry in Bordism Theory, Spring 2016

Course Information

This course covers various appearances of formal geometry surrounding bordism theories in stable homotopy.

Our regular meeting times are listed below, and I have also posted my office hours. As this is a graduate topics class, there is little other administrative information. In particular, there is no scheduled homework or exams.

I will be updating the course notes, linked below, throughout the semester. If you want to make edits for yourself, the first thing you should do is register for an account and tell me your username, so that I can grant you access to the repository. Once you’ve done that, you should go to (if you’re using Windows or Mac OS X), download the application they offer there, and point it toward the repository URL:

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I have listed below some events (along with dates and times) relevant to the course. In addition to the office hours listed, I am also available by appointment; I have a calendar at this address to facilitate setting up meetings.

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